Investing in stocks isn’t as straightforward as it seems on paper. Since there are thousands of stocks to take into consideration, making a smart move may prove difficult.

Nevertheless, stock picking services are available to traders in need of assistance to make the best decision. These programs teach traders the basics and offer more advanced tips on investing in the best stocks.

Have a look at the top five stock picking services in 2022.

Warrior trading

Warrior trading is a service on stock market education, teaching would-be traders the secrets to successful day trading through chat rooms and online training courses. While it started as a blog a decade ago, in 2012, it transformed into a chatroom for live trading for the purpose of educating traders. Nowadays, it has become one of the biggest communities of active investors and day traders, offering educative content to over 500,000 followers.

Moreover, this program offers three important services to followers, including a trading simulator, chat room, and educational courses. Traders are taught when it’s the best timing to enter or exit a trade, along with the effort it takes to earn profits. There are plenty of free resources on day trading, which help individuals decide whether they want to subscribe on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Additionally, this stock picking service program is designed to address the needs of beginners and traders with experience. Most of the best stock alert service programs are designed to improve the quality of decision-making of traders. An online quiz is provided to potential followers to assess their level of skills.

The main advantages of giving Warrior trading a try are its excellent customer service, incredibly accurate picks, detailed alerts via email or SMS, and useful educational content. Some of the potential disadvantages are the costly prices of training packages and the absence of historical data to back up the alerts’ accuracy.

Investors Underground

Another prominent stock picking service in 2022 is Investors Underground, attracting the attention of beginner and active traders, and investors. Nathan Michaud is in charge of its management due to being a well-established veteran trader. The Investors Underground team provides traders with a blog article on a daily basis, which identifies the best daily stocks.

Furthermore, this team of experts shares profit charts from time to time, providing users sign up for email alerts. Investors Underground is an educational, high-quality platform with a transparent approach to the art of trading. Traders have the opportunity to attend frequent webinars and use daily stock watch lists. The disadvantages of this platform are no real-time alerts and having no SMS alert option.

Superman Trades

Superman Trades is run by Paul Scolardi, who has been a certified public accountant and stock trader for almost fifteen years. This program works by paying a subscription fee, gaining access to various trading tools, and using the offered information to make wiser decisions. While Superman Trades won’t make you wealthy overnight, they will provide you with greater control over your investments. Check out seven useful tips for taking control of your investments.

In addition, Paul Scolardi recommends three trading approaches, including the classic news scalp strategy, the chart pattern swing trade, and fundamental position trading. There are two payment plans for individuals to consider for newbies and pros. The Superman alerts plan is $147, whereas the Superman pro plan is $247.

Superman trades is good value for money, affordable, easy to follow, and transparent. Individuals receive training on how to keep their emotions away from trading. Nevertheless, it’s likely for certain trades to backfire, and it takes a while until you gain stability. Also, the video quality of the lessons can definitely be better.

Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes’s programs are sought-after by many aspiring traders, as Tim is nowadays classified among the best penny stock traders. This guru provides various services to investors and traders, such as its chat room, online trading platform, and courses. The chat room is run through the site, enabling individuals to see live trade alerts. Nevertheless, Tim isn’t very active in the chat room, meaning you shouldn’t expect one-on-one sessions with him.

The platform, however, is where Timothy and his fellow traders provide their experience and knowledge through multiple trading products. The subscription packages provided by offer traders the chance to comment, follow and send messages to other members. The basic Tim Alerts plan costs $74. 95 a month.

The second plan, Pennystocking Silver, costs approximately $149.95 per month. Tim’s Stock Trading Challenge is the priciest, given it’s a premium course focused on creating millionaires. This plan provides users with a chance to have a conversation with Tim Sykes and attend private webinars. Perhaps the only drawback of Tim’s programs is not placing too much emphasis on the basics of trading. Follow this URL,, for stock market basics, including eight tips for beginners.

Day Trading Academy

The Day Trading Academy (DTA) is unique compared to the other platforms in a way that it doesn’t sell any software but allows traders to work with experienced trainers. Once trainees complete the program, they can offer training themselves. Such a growth opportunity is rarely offered by any other program.

Moreover, the training consists of several stages, including the beginner, intermediate, advanced, and pro phase. The beginner phase is recommended to individuals with absolutely no knowledge of day trading, focusing on every nook and cranny. Conversely, the intermediate phase is focused on risk mitigation strategies, such as learning when and when not to make trades.

The advanced stage is recommended to those capable of reading the market. It teaches individuals how to set dynamic profit targets and try unconventional strategies. The prophase is created for serious traders, helping them put their skills to use, make profits, and interact with the pros.

The bottom line

Investing in such services is suggested to every person wishing to become a trader.

It facilitates the learning journey and promises stock market success!