Content marketing is about publishing valuable content – useful and attractive for recipients, and arousing their interest. If you create content marketing well, it can bring you many benefits, creating the company’s image, popularizing the brand, engaging users and building the site’s visibility on Google. The advantages are countless, but let us list at least some of the most valid ones.

Building credibility and trust

Publishing interesting and substantive content will help you increase the credibility of your brand. Sharing tips or troubleshooting a user’s specific problem will make them see your company as an expert who can be trusted. It will also increase the likelihood that the recipient will visit your website again to see other content. By building a strong relationship with your users, you increase the chance that they will decide to buy your product.

Increasing traffic and conversions

Valuable SEO-friendly texts in which Internet users can find answers to their questions, have a significant influence on your website’s ranks. Nobody wants to click through to the second, third or even further pages of results to find a desired answer. Well prepared content tailored to your target group will positively influence the awareness of your brand as well as the products and services you offer. Finally, the more traffic your website has, the greater the chance of conversions! Trust the specialists like Rank Higher Agency and make sure that your blog is adjusted to a particular target group, its interests or the language they use. Apart from that, remember to recycle the content once in a while, for example by optimizing the texts, rebuilding them, enriching with new graphics or transforming into attractive animations.

Relatively inexpensive

Online content marketing is cheaper than most marketing solutions, generates high profits and brings many additional benefits. Once created, qualitative content can work for years. In the case of pay-per-click campaigns you pay for each customer’s entry. Whereas a high-ranking article doesn’t generate costs, yet still attracts users.

What’s more, content marketing supports other departments in the company. Detailed instruction for a given product is a support for both the sales department in terms of product education and customer service, because the user can find the answer to his questions in the article.

Customer acquisition and retention

Acquiring a new customer is not a piece of cake. Remember that your potential client is constantly dealing with advertising – whether using a search engine, browsing websites, or spending time on social media. At each of these sites, the user is “attacked” by banners or videos. And it’s not like he’s not aware of these mechanisms, becoming more demanding and reluctant to click the ads. That’s why you need to provide your audience with content that will be really useful and interesting enough for them to click on.

Before you start creating content, think about who your client is, what he needs and how you can help him. Answering this simple question will help you develop an effective strategy as well as topics for your content.