4 Cute and Trendy Pendant Designs of 2022

Loving oneself is a popular topic of discussion nowadays, and for a good reason. Too often, we are harsh with ourselves and not compassionate. We are finally beginning to care for ourselves, and we can show up in the world as our best selves. 

And what better way to show yourself some love than with exquisite jewellery? Dainty and feminine cute pendants and chains are a must-have in the spring season. It is a simple piece of jewellery that can instantly elevate your look with minimum effort. You can find a vast collection of cute pendants in many jewellery stores, both online and offline.

Season or off-season, it is always a great idea to buy something that stays with you forever!

14kt Rose Gold Galactic Dreams Diamond Pendant With Chain

14kt Rose Gold Galactic Dreams Diamond Pendant With Chain

This special pendant is designed as a galaxy made of dazzling diamonds. When you wear a cute pendant with the properties of something bigger than yourself, it opens doors to a different type of acceptance. 

Acceptance can be attained when you show love to yourself. Fashion this in extravagant clothing so the simplicity of this pendant can shine with pride. On the other hand, if you find yourself in a minimal mood, this cute pendant works like magic with that too!

14kt Yellow Gold Diamond & Pearl Pendant With Teardrop Design

14kt Yellow Gold Diamond & Pearl Pendant With Teardrop Design

This cute pendant understands all that you’ve been through in the rough times and validates your ability to pick yourself up. The design itself suggests a teardrop feature with a pearl enclosed in gold and diamonds. The concept is about grace, the grace with which you carry yourself. This cute pendant will go perfectly with your short kurti!

18kt Rose Gold Elegant Shell Pendant

18kt Rose Gold Elegant Shell Pendant

This cute pendant radiates a breezy aura that will only put you in a good mood. Wearing this, an individual will realize that the potential they hold is as vast as the sea, and this seashell design is an ode to that. Pair it with colors like white or beige to get the best look out of this pendant. People collect distinct seashells when they see them, this assorted seashell is exclusively for you, the one that no one possesses!

14kt Yellow-White Gold Triple The Elegance With This Pendant

14kt Yellow-White Gold Triple The Elegance With This Pendant

This cute pendant with beautiful floral motifs is your gateway to blossom out. Shine in vibrant colors everywhere you go with the elegance that oozes out of this piece. 

The skillful curation of this design was done keeping in consideration how versatile women of today are. All three petals showcase a distinct design made with precious metals and stones for a precious individual like you. Pair this cute pendant with absolutely anything that is solid in color to direct the focus where it is needed!

‘A must-have’ Pendant Collection by Mia by Tanishq

Pendants are having a moment! You can spot them on everyone from Hollywood/Bollywood A-listers to your neighbor next door. What’s great about pendants by Mia by Tanishq is that they come in a wide range of styles, so you’re sure to find one (or a few!) that fit your personal style perfectly. 

Plus, they’re much more affordable than their gold and diamond counterparts, so you can snag a whole set without breaking the bank. Cute pendants are perfect when it comes to gifting and the best part is they can be planted in any chain you fancy from your collection, and there is room for creativity as well.

A small pendant can really spruce up your everyday look. And with so many different styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one!

Visit the official website of Mia by Tanishq now!

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