Learning is the best and the most effective way to lead a successful and happy life because it contributes to a better understanding of things around us. An educated person is more likely to correctly perceive a problem and offer an appropriate solution using the knowledge gained. 

This learning process for an individual starts from the preschool itself. In Montessori students are guided to understand things in their environment, they are encouraged to participate in various activities and events which help them to improve their skills, they learn how to interact with others respectfully and they start to become more independent and confident.

A good quality education which is provided by the best schools in Abu Dhabi, therefore, improves students’ understanding of the world around them and makes them less vulnerable to the influence of others. 

The best schools in Abu Dhabi offer innumerable benefits to their students which are brought about by education that not only focuses on textbooks and notes but also on other creative activities and educational programs. Apart from that, the best schools in Abu Dhabi believe in Montessori teaching practices.

Children get many opportunities to do a variety of interactive activities specifically designed to teach them very specific and important skills. The best schools in Abu Dhabi offer Montessori nursery which focuses on improving memory, self-discipline, and conceptual learning.

Enrolling children in Montessori nursery has many remarkable advantages some of which are listed below: –

1.     Fosters self-discipline

The kids can choose the activities they want to work on each day and also how much time they will dedicate themselves and work on it. Teachers would establish certain ground rules for each assignment that everyone must adhere to. This helps in improving self-discipline, motivation and concentration in children. The children of Montessori nursery in the best schools in Abu Dhabi are able to take up tasks very positively and hence also become a source of inspiration to others leaving a great impact.

2.     Safe learning environment

The Montessori nursery in the best schools in Abu Dhabi invests a lot of energy and time to provide the children with an orderly environment by allotting them with dedicated locations and shelves for each of the objects and activities. When the kids complete a specific activity, they need to put the items back in their correct places. 

3.     Encourages cooperation and team building skills

The students in Montessori nursery get to participate in various events, plays and fun activities which help them bond with other students and widen their circle. They learn how to build and lead a team in projects and group plays quite easily which sharpens their skills directly. Along with that, they also master to follow instructions and think creatively and come up with new unique ideas. The teachers help and guide the students in implementing the ideas in the best way possible and encourage them to continue developing even more creative ideas further.

4. Self–dependence

Independence and individualization are the basis of the Montessori educational system. In Montessori nursery, children are self-determined and free to explore activities at their own pace in a supportive environment. This helps them learn from their own mistakes and the importance of independence. They learn their likes and dislikes very early on and under proper guidance from the highly trained teachers in the best schools in Abu Dhabi who help them improve in their weak areas. Every mishap is taken positively which helps as they slowly become fearless are encouraged to try new things.

5.     Efficient workplace

The Montessori nursery in the best schools in Abu Dhabi has a pre-organized workplace with a wide set of activities. Children can independently select one of these learning activities that they find interesting and are given uninterrupted time to complete this activity and also to put the materials back in their designated places. This gives the children a structured and pragmatic approach to learning. 


Apart from all these benefits mentioned, the Montessori nursery has many more advantages which can hone the student’s personalities and shape them into better and more successful individuals. They gain a lot of important skill sets like communication skills, willingness to learn, self-management, problem-solving, teamwork, decision-making skills, etc. All these skills together set them up for a bright and thriving future as the students in the best schools in Abu Dhabi do not fail in prospering and become well-mannered and educated individuals.