Looking perfect every single day is just not possible for us women.

Why? Because looking good actually depends on several different factors coming together just right.

Your makeup, accessories, and shoes are just as important as your outfit. For modern Muslim women, it can become challenging to conform to Western fashion while still keeping their ethnicity alive.

Luckily this blog can help you flaunt your style while still staying modestly beautiful.

5 Ethnic Fashion Tips for Modern Muslim Women

Muslim women these days are challenging societal and religious norms everywhere. In the United States, the honorable Representative Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American Muslim woman, gives hope to her sisters everywhere. I hope that they can stand with the highest levels of power as equals. And that ethnicity doesn’t have to be a handicap but an asset.

Muslim women today are looking for the perfect mix between breaking away from traditional fashion while still keeping things conventional. How do they do that? In my case, I often pair a chic Khaadi dupatta (a long scarf accessory from the subcontinent) with a printed kurta and a great pair of leggings. But that’s just one way Muslim women can own up to their ethnic heritage. Check out the following 5 ways you can try something similar:

  1. Long Cardigan
  2. Cotton Maxi
  3. Leather Jacket
  4. Long Skirt
  5. Regular Shirt

Let’s take a closer look at these below.

Long Cardigan and Jeans

This is a very chic yet conventionally appropriate casual look for the modern Muslim woman. A long-sleeved cardigan is a perfect item to offset your casual jeans and basic tee-shirt. Round it off with a nice, bright-colored scarf on your head. This looks works equally well with regular sandals or hip sneakers. Just be sure to vary the colors and shades. If your inner layer is dark, your cardigan and scarf should be light. If your inner layer is light, the cardigan should be of a darker shade. The best part is, cardigans are loose and roomy. A comfy look topped off with an ethnic statement.

Cotton Maxi

Maxis make for an elegant, flowing, and yet comfortable outfit. Cotton maxis are a good choice because they work almost everywhere on any occasion. You can wear a contrasting scarf with a typical long-sleeved maxi and round the look off with a pair of mules. Printed maxis are all the rage with young Muslim women, often offset with a contrasting scarf. Plain maxis go well with printed scarfs. Similarly, printed maxis look better when paired with a plain scarf. Look stylish and classy while still staying true to your ethnic roots.

Leather Jacket

You can never go wrong with a leather jacket, whatever your ethnicity. The look takes very little preparation and leaves you looking like an instant statement. This look is very simple, a full-length abaya with a black or brown leather jacket on top. Abayas are arguably one of the most classy and conventional pieces of clothing in a Muslim wardrobe. A leather jacket is a strong, sassy fashion statement. Put them both together and voila! You have a unique look that you can complement with wedges or leather ankle-length boots

Long Skirt

Long skirts never seem to go out of fashion. They are just so elegant and reserved. The best thing is, a long skirt goes well with just about anything you can pair it with. A shirt, top, or even a tee-shirt works well with a long skirt and a pair of sandals. A scarf around your head can make for a nostalgic, 1950’s era look while still in tune with your ethnic sensibilities. A nice watch, a pair of designer sunglasses, and a killer bag are the only things you need to pull this off.

Regular Shirt

Even if you currently don’t have any of the above items in your wardrobe, you don’t have to panic. You can pull off a very casual chic look with just about any regular shirt in your wardrobe. The trick is to match the colors well with your hijab. Add a ladies stole for winter in the cold weather. The result is a trendy look that still manages to make you look ethnic and modest. You can tuck the shirt into your trousers or pants and round off the look with flats or high heels depending on what the occasion is.