What can be better than getting right into the fabric of some mesmerizing part of the world than to feel its earth right under your feet? You get to feel its sun right on your skin while you are exploring the beautiful nature. Hikers can relate to the kind of experience we are talking about. And with the like-minded fellows, the experience becomes more incredible.

Mountains and islands win when it comes to walking and hiking adventures. The escape from the noisy world and the close contact with nature makes walking and hiking escapades second to none. Islands are appealing because perhaps the slow pace of life encourages gentle rambles. While many prefer mountains with majestic views of lush river valleys.

Let’s give you a few destinations to pick your favorite one. As long as you are in HughesNet satellite internet, even if you’re on the go, you can find everything about these destinations. 

The Great Smoky Mountains, the United States

These mountains are Cherokee Indians’ ancestral homeland. The region is rich in natural diversity. The wisps of mysterious blue-gray smoke often shroud some of the highest peaks in the area. This mountain range is beyond majestic. It connects with the Appalachian chain to the south. It was established as a national park back in 1934.

Today, the area spreads over a massive 500,000 acres. This has to be the largest wilderness in eastern America. You get to explore historic and natural interests on this extensive 900 miles walk.

You will explore thousands of varieties of flowering plants and more than a hundred species of trees. The place is home to 200 different types of birds. Consider this haven of mesmerizing mountain vistas, cascading waterfalls, and pioneer heritage’s preserved remnants.

Cloud Forests, Costa Rica

You can usually find a cloud forest near the tops of coastal mountains. These tropical forests are covered in a cloudbank throughout the year. Walking through the ultimate natural beauty of these tropical forests of Costa Rica is a delight. You will cherish these ultimate encounters for years to come. You will explore lagoon waterfalls, rugged craters, tranquil sea coves, and freshwater ponds. Rivers run through floral lanes and tall trees tower above. You get to have an exotic sensory experience with the vibrant hues and wild sounds around.

With plenty of lodging options, you can renew your enthusiasm for new discoveries in this beautiful land. If you are a hiking enthusiast, Costa Rica has to be on your travel bucket list.

Sibillini Mountains, Italy

Sibillini Mountains are found in Rome’s north-east. They are culturally and geographically in the heart of Italy. The rare wildlife found in these rounded summits includes Marsican brown bears and Grey Wolves. The antique villages and medieval towns around the hills serve as a gastronomic heaven. You can try wild mushrooms, black truffles, celebrated cured meats, and a massive variety of cheeses. The mountains offer a circular walk of six days. But you will get to behold the best sights ever.

Exploring culinary and historical traditions is an essential plus. You will see some steep and rugged sections amidst the undulated range of 2,000-25,00 meters.

Quebec, Canada

Let cultural and natural treasures reveal themselves while you take a walking tour through the said northern wonderland. It’s not far from Québec City, the hub of the region. Explore the Saguenay Fjord estuary. It is a unique ecosystem and you will see freshwater blending with sea tide. That’s going to be the special and unusual environment of this journey. Magnificent granite cliffs are plunged into the river. Villagers cluster around the water’s edge.

You can explore the extensive trail in the Saguenay National Park. This park is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Behold the mesmerizing beauty of sights like brilliant lakes, granite peaks, hanging waterfalls, high gorges, snow geese, and eagles. You can relax in authentic inns in fine French Canadian comfort.

Crossing Catalonia, Spain

Looking for a walk that essentially combines a radical variety of different geographic types? Crossing Catalonia is going to be one extraordinary week of a long hike for you. The route begins at the Garrotxa Volcanic Park. This park has 40 volcanic cones, which are extinct and they are thrusting up from the depths of beech forests. While trekking, you will pass these cones and then Banyoles town that’s known for its beautiful lake. You will end up in Girona, a historic town and you can spend the rest of your day sightseeing and rest.

With a 15-mile stroll, you get to the Costa Brava. That’s your final joy of this glistening coastal stretch. It is full of remote beaches, fishing villages, and coves.

Remember, walking days can be long and tiring here. But the paths are decent and you don’t have to climb high. The diverse variety of hotels and food will surpass even the variety of Hughesnet bundles – there are many and they are all excellent! You can pick one that suits your needs and preferences.

Happy hiking!