People worry when they pass exams, get a job, and wait for an important event. This is quite natural, but sometimes this emotion interferes with a full life. You won’t be able to get rid of excitement forever, but you can still get it under control.

Every person in his life repeatedly experiences excitement or in other words the stress. Which manifests itself both in the event that can change a life, and in the little things that are simply not included in the plans. For some people, this is turning into a serious problem.

To change our reaction to stress is also in our power, for this we need to understand the work of the adrenal glands.

1. Know Your Excitement Level

When emotions appear, it is necessary to find the reason. Sometimes she is quite simple and not worth such a panic.

If the reason is serious, then you can think about where it will lead. Maybe nothing bad will happen, so do not worry so much?

2. What Do Scientists Say?

Scientists from the UK offer to deal with the excitement as follows. Suppose a serious meeting is planned, which causes great excitement. On the day of the meeting, get enough sleep, this will help reduce anxiety by 2-3 times. After that, carefully consider the meeting, what you will talk about, how to build behavior, imagine and analyze in detail the place in which everything will happen. Imagine that you are already there and everything goes as favorably as possible.

This method will help to feel the atmosphere of the upcoming event, soak up its energies and get rid of unnecessary excitement about this.

3. Psychology Of Excitement

In psychology, they use a method called emotional acceleration, this exercise helps to keep the excitement in check.

Imagine yourself as a destructive element, let it be fire, tsunami or an avalanche. Feel how this energy is pulsing in your veins, imagine how you are moving and what destructive power you have.

Hear the roar of a rushing avalanche and the noise of a raging tsunami, feel the fire in your chest and how this fire breaks out, causing everything to light up. Imagine every detail. Exciting, isn’t it?

This psychological technique is used to control excitement, as well as for confident and relaxed communication. The downside is that this method requires regular repetition since we do not have a long action time.

4. Changing Your Routines

In the west, psychotherapists recommend the use of “anchors”. This can be a counting, deep breathing, favorite music, listing in the head the names of relatives and friends.

Focusing on something else helps reduce the level of excitement.

5. Replacing It

External symptoms of a stressful state include coughing, constant touching of the hair and nose, and crunching with fingers.

If outwardly calm, then the same will be the feeling inside. So, don’t make excitement your stress, believe in yourself and go talk with somebody.

6. What Athletes Do?

Athletes also experience excitement and hold in their arsenal tricks to deal with it. I will talk about a couple of sports secrets that will help in life.

Archery arrows say that the main source of the excitement of thought about what is happening around. To overcome the excitement, focus on the goal and give your best, despite the opinions of others and the current situation.

Climbers who have repeatedly conquered the tops of the mountains say that the emotional state directly depends on the physical. Consequently, measured, deep breathing and muscle relaxation will allow a person to cope with the excitement.

Climbers believe that having removed physical stress, the excitement also subsides, so before each exciting situation, they do a respiratory and muscle warm-up.

Use these methods with a sudden surge of excitement. For example, you need to complete the task in a busy place, take a deep breath, slightly knead the muscles of the neck and shoulders, and forgetting that there are people around, move to the intended target.

7. Read Studies

After viewing the social polls, it becomes clear that the public is in a frenzy of opinion that there is one effective way to combat excitement.

70% of respondents use it daily. This method is simple, feeling the growing excitement in your head, count to 10. But is this method effective? This method affects each person in their own way. Therefore, the answer to the question causes some people difficulty.

But also among the respondents, an elderly man met with interesting thinking. His proposed method sounds like this. If before speaking or talking with a stranger, excitement and embarrassment begin to appear. We set a goal to convey information to the audience.

Do not think about what the opinion or reaction will be, just convey information. It’s like in a fire, will it be embarrassing or exciting to shout to the whole street about what happened? Not. Because there is a report.

Remember this method before a public appearance.

8. 9.5 minutes in the room of fear

This is one of the most effective strategies, although the most shocking one. Robert Duff, the author of Hardcore Self-Help, is confident: “Our constant anxiety and anxiety feeds on our habit of avoiding unpleasant things. If the very thought that you need to do something (go to the doctor or talk with your boss) makes you worry, of course, you will postpone these events until the last, so as not to worry even more.

Although it is possible that going to the doctor and talking with the boss has every chance of ending well. But you don’t know this! Delaying with the decision, you increase the excitement every day, and therefore, it becomes increasingly difficult to overcome it. Therefore, when you still find yourself in the office of a doctor or a boss, at that moment your excitement exceeds all conceivable limits. ” Try to solve problems immediately as they arise. Walk towards fear before it becomes the size of an elephant. Even if it concerns more serious fears – heights or darkness. Each of us has every chance to agree with ourselves:

“I can stand anything for 5 minutes.”

9. Remove Social Media Apps

We will not talk about obvious things, for example, that the constant comparison of oneself with others causes negative feelings and dissatisfaction with oneself. But in those days when you are especially busy at work or just tired and feel that you can’t stand it, it’s better not to be distracted by constant irritants on your mobile phone.

Indulge the senses with an informational detox, and give rest to the eyes and the nervous system. The bottom line is not to bring the body to exhaustion.

10. Prepare Yourself

Everyone knows the benefits of preparation. Before a report or exam, be sure to help out all the material. Have a rehearsal in front of the mirror. Gather relatives and friends and retell the text in front of them. Ask them to rate you appropriately.

Think in advance of a hairdresser, clothes and a make-up. If you look at 100%, it will give confidence. Consider all incidents in advance. Put spare tights, a pen, a pack of napkins in a bag.

Consider what questions you may be asked. The answers must be short, it will show that you know the material.

Constantly worrying about trifles, a person cannot fully work. To distract, he can start smoking or taking alcohol. And stress and bad habits always lead to serious health problems.

Remember, controlling your excitement helps improve your quality of life.

It is only necessary to learn to think positively, not to be afraid of mistakes and responsibility.