Yes, coldwater swimming seems a crazy idea. But once you go through its benefits, you will crave for such a swim. It does not mean to swim on a cold December night. According to the International Ice Swimming Association, water should be 5 degrees Celsius cold. Now you can see the cold water swimming has reached global popularity.

Studies have shown various health benefits of swimming in cold water. Starting your week by visiting a cold water pool or beach can make your upcoming days more productive.

Let us look at the crucial health benefits of cold water swimming:

1. Boosting the immune system:

Coldwater swimming has massive benefits on the immune system directly. When you take a cold water swim, the body reacts to the changing conditions and produces white blood cells at a high rate. White blood cells are a vital part of the immune system and defend the body against infections and diseases. 

It is no wonder that cold water swimmers rarely get sick. The reason is the vigorous immune system that lets them live fully.

2. Coping with stress:

Coldwater swimming is an exercise. Exercises have proven to reduce stress and cure depression. Coldwater swimming puts the body in a stressed and a little painful situation. In this situation, the brain releases endorphins. Endorphins are released to cope with pain or stress and make us feel good.

When you swim in cold water often, your body gets better prepared for dealing with stress. Because the more the process is repeated, its effect fades away. This way, you can take control of a stressful situation in your life easily.

3. Burns calories:

Coldwater swimmers are usually thin. The reason behind it is the burning of calories while they take a swim. Coldwater tends to decrease body temperature and make it contract. So the body has to work harder in cold water to keep the body warm and pumping blood faster. It results in burning the calories and hence reducing weight.

Taking a good diet after a swim is necessary. Meal enriched with proteins and nutrients will keep things in balance. But do not mix it up with drinking cold water that is said to increase calories. It can be a myth too.

4. Improves mental health:

It affects mental health positively at a massive level. Studies have shown that cold water swimming can cure mentally sick and tired patients and makes them independent of medicines. According to a survey, medical prescriptions of mentally ill people got replaced with cold water swimming at least once a week. And the results were remarkable. The patients became healthy and did not rely on medicine for mental cure.

Many swimmers use cold water swimming as an escape when suffering from stress and anxiety.

5. Improved blood circulation:

When taking a cold swim, blood rushes to the surface in veins and arteries. It leads to improved blood circulation and warms up the body from inside. The body gets used to the cold environment, and it gets prepared for the bitterly cold winters.